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Free Training, Livestream Events and more.  Come to The City, An international hub for entrepreneurs, social innovators, speakers, coaches, and business owners. An exclusive global social club where members can access cutting edge training, mastermind dinners, speakers series and uplevel networking events.


What Will You Find In The City?

The Lives

Exhiliarting Live Events, Intensive Deep Dives, Speaker Series, 1, 2, and 5 Day Trainings.  Join your global community wherever you are: Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, Toronto. 

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The Onlines

Programs, Podcasts, Webinars & Livestreams. An online community that wants you to win!  Everything you need for a successful business, relationship & life. Join us from wherever you are.

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The Network

You become like the people you surround yourself with...choose wisely.  The Network at The Mastermind City is the Ultimate Community. Uplevel your game & surround yourself with success.

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The Studio

The studio at The Mastermind City was designed for you.  Video Shoots, Photography Needs, Livestreams, Podcast Creation, Launch Video Production & more.

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Our cornerstone program, taken by people just like you from around the globe.  Transform Your Big Idea to Realizing Your Dream.  Your step by step path to success.

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Access Free Training including The 5 Day Challenge, Our Events List as well as cool new features to keep you connected!

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Immerse yourself with Free Trainings, Live Q&A's & a supportive community where you can bounce your ideas, get feedback & lend your support!  

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Notes From The City

Our Master Blogs. Thoughts. Insights. Ramblings

Our Founder - Fay Chapple


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"My goal was to create a space where like minded people could come together and share learning, training & experience. I can't stress enough the importance of always, always, always surrounding yourself with people that want you to win & cheer on your community alongside you. Help them win with you!"

Fay Chapple

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